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This site displays the locations of CCTV cameras people have mapped in Open Street Map in North America. It focuses on Massachusetts and New England. It is part of the #BINJbrother effort by the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.

It uses the osmcamera software created by khris78 and released on 2012-09-30. You can access to some statistics about man_made=surveillance nodes here. This site is provided by the Massachusetts Pirate Party.

How can I help?

This website uses Open Street Map data. You can create an account there and start adding data. Your additions will get picked up here once we inport it. To mark a camera, tag the location of the camera with man_made=surveillance. We are working on easy ways people can add camera locations, so check back here.

Contact Us

You can contact us at cctv@masspirates.org or info@masspirates.org.

Data Last Updated

The camera data is updated hourly.

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